What to do??

We have a pretty much no questions asked, 100 days (from purchase date), returns policy. Happy Daze.

So if your shoes arrive damaged or during normal wear they fall apart or whatever, simply contact us by e mail at sales@tukshoes.com.au and we will get you sorted.

Our only covenants are the shoes must not be worn (like outside, in the mosh pit or milking the cows n stuff) and they must be in their original packaging, i.e. the T.U.K. box they came in. One other thing though, we ONLY accept returns on merchandise purchased directly from www.tukshoes.com.au

So, after you e mail us and let us know you want to return your shoes, heres the nuts n bolts .....

    1. Write a short note letting us know why you are returning your shoes (on the back of your packing slip is preferred). This makes things easy for us to track and we will get it happening quicker ok.
    2. Put the note and your shoes in their T.U.K. shoe box and then pack them in a good strong carton, if possible, please use the carton your shoes came in, if not, please make sure the carton or post bag is strong so they get back to us in one piece.
    3. The simply post the package to the address below and we will fix things within 48 hours of receiving it.

T.U.K. Shoes Australia
39 Mariposa Rd